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Let me start out by saying, any rules you have read about what to wear and what not to wear during your engagement session and/or wedding are irrelevant. Rules are meant to be broken and you should wear what you feel the best in. Dressing is a great way to feel empowered and beautiful! I want you to feel your best during your photo sessions, which also makes for the best photos!

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During my engagement sessions I ask for you to have two different looks, just to switch it up a bit. It works the best with a more casual look first, followed by a more dressy look after.


Below I provide you with a few things to think about while planning your wardrobe for your engagement session and/or wedding!

1. Wear something that is you.

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? That is probably what you should wear. Or did you wear a shirt out with friends that you got a ton of compliments on? Maybe you should consider that!

2. Wear something a little crazier or more bold than normal.

Want to have more of an editorial and non traditional photo session? Then rock something that is a bit more edgy, or something you have been saving in your closet for an awesome event. This photo session is your very own photo shoot, so why not have a little fun with it? Color is always good in my book. 😉

3. Hire a makeup artist.

Professional cameras tend to hide makeup more than what you see in the mirror. I recommend treating yourself to having your face professionally made up! Or wear your makeup a bit heavier than usual.

4. Collaborate with your fiance.

I am a sucker for a small element that pulls your outfits together. Maybe an accessory you are wearing matches their shoes, or something like that. But don’t feel like you have to match, just check that your outfits look nice together.

6. Get help!

Hire a professional stylist, OR you can ask me for help. With a background in styling and fashion I am more than happy to help you.

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Want more inspiration? Check out my pinterest account for outfit ideas.

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