Stacie & MikeWest Virginia Courthouse Elopement Photographer

When I got my first e-mail from Stacie I could tell how excited she was to marry Mike. I didn’t get to meet them until the day of, but as we sat in the lobby of a small courthouse in West Virginia waiting for their names to be called, we got to know each other.

They truly are complete sweethearts, and more than perfect together. Oh did you notice?!? The bride wore BLACK! 🙂 Stacie has great style, and brought multiple pairs of shoes gotta love her. <3 When she pulled out a small gift for me (a beautiful pashmina scarf), I almost cried. #softie

I had such a great time witnessing their marriage and chasing the sun with them in this small town in the beautiful West Virginia. Enjoy!

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West Virginia Courthouse Elopement Photographer: Mandy Fierens Photography

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