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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study abroad in college, and I chose Ireland. Ok,  it was heavily decided by my friends, but I was SO happy we went there. I made many friends from the trip, and we travelled around Europe for the rest of the semester, it was nice having Ireland as our homebase. Not to mention it was GORGEOUS there. These are just a handful of the images I took. It was impossible to take a bad photo!

ireland_15 Pretty light Ireland ireland_9 Ireland Scene ireland_39

^Funny story here. We got out of the van to snap the sun hitting the hills, then we hear this goat ba’ing and sprinting down the road towards us! We were so confused, and he just kept coming! Once he got a little closer he stopped, and pretended it didn’t happen… haha


ireland_7 ireland_5 Ireland dark scene ireland_25 ireland_13  Ireland Boats ireland_27 ireland_16 ireland_3


Looking at these photos again make me kind of melancholy, I miss travelling, I miss the rolling hills of Eire. It was an adventure everyday there, I need more adventure in my life! Luckily Kevin and I are going to St. Thomas in about two weeks! I cannot even tell you how excited I am. 🙂

I have a few other photos from this semester abroad, I will be uploading this week. Keep your eyes peeled!

<3 Mandy

Uppercourt Manor Wedding Photographer

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