Claudia & SapanThorpewood Wedding Photography

It was so much fun to photograph this wedding for three reasons:

1. Claudia is Italian, like, really Italian. Half the day I was listening to her family chat away in this beautiful language. Oh, and Sapan is Indian and his family spoke Hindi was just as cool to hear surrounding me. The combination of Indian and Italian cultures was truly a beautiful thing to behold.

2. They are awesome. Claudia is so genuine and vivacious, whilst Sapan is calm and clever. They truly are a perfect match.

3. I got to travel to the mountains of Maryland for this wedding! The trip was lovely, and this venue is stunning!

Ok. There are more reasons, but I literally could go on forever and I will save you the time! 😉

I loved being a small part in their gorgeous and flower filled day. Enjoy a few of my favorite frames below!

2014-11-21_0003 2014-11-21_0006 2014-11-21_0011 2014-11-21_0010 2014-11-21_0014

Bride and groom in pine forest
Bride and groom in pine forest


2014-11-21_0017 2014-11-21_0022 2014-11-21_0024 2014-11-21_0019 2014-11-21_0023 2014-11-21_0021


Dress designer: Custom from Global Bridal Gallery

Florist: Da Vinci’s Florist

Cigar Roller: Cortez Cigars

DJ or Band: Shew-sical Entertainment Services (DJ), Jim Dronenburg (Harp & Piano)

Caterer: Canapes

Venue: Thorpewood in Thurmont, Maryland

Thorpewood Wedding Photography: Mandy Fierens Photography


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