Nina and James | Omni Bedford Springs Wedding

Another Pittsburgh photographer had originally booked this wedding, but her grandmother passed away and her funeral was planned on the same day as Nina and James wedding. I felt horrible for her, and luckily was able to come to the rescue. I found out I was shooting this wedding merely days before the event… If you know me you would know that I was freaking out. I really like having time to prepare for weddings, I love meeting the couples beforehand, and the whole booking process- but this time I didn’t have any of that. I also cannot imagine being the bride in this situation.

I was insanely impressed with Nina and how she handled this situation. It was a horrible thing to happen all around, but we made the best of it. It was great to get to know Nina and James, and they had a really beautiful wedding. If I could photograph at the Bedford Springs resort every weekend I would be a happy camper. Not only is this place special to them, it is probably one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever been to.

I had an amazing time being a small part in their day, and wish them nothing but happiness as travel into life together. 🙂

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Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photography

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