Matt and Tate | Mattress Factory Wedding Photographer

Matt and Tate are some of the cutest college students I know. You don’t need to be engaged or married to have pictures taken by me. All you need is LOVE. haha But seriously, these two are so in love it’s absolutely adorable and I was honored to get to take some photos of them. 🙂 They made my  job so easy!

Tate is very interested in art, and worked at the Mattress Factory for a while. Matt is a finance/computer science major, but does enjoy art as well. I love taking couples to places that are important to them, or significant in some way. The Mattress Factory was a great place for them. Unfortunately, the day we were visiting the galleries most of it was under construction. But we made the most of it! Below are some of my favorites from the day. 🙂

VSCO_28 BW_25  BW_38




VSCO_21 BW_19





Mattress Factory Wedding Photographer

<3 Mandy

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