Krystle & GavinPittsburgh Elopement Photographer

I had just moved to Pittsburgh, and didn’t have a lot of good friends. When I met Krystle we weren’t instant friends. Probably more instant enemies when she tried out for the basketball team. I was new in school so I already was the outcast but Krystle was invited by a friend who ditched her the moment tryouts started. So we were partnered. Long story short, we never talked or wanted to after that day. UNTIL we were lucky enough to have a class together which just so happened to be a photography class, and that is when we officially hit it off. When we hung out after school for the first time we hit up a Goodwill together followed by coffee and that is when Krystle became one of my closest friends. We are total goofballs together, and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

I remember the first time we met Gavin very well. We were having a few beers down the street from where I lived after work one day. I could see Gavin eying Krystle up, so I decided to go to the bathroom because he looked like he was gathering the courage to talk to her. When I got back she told me he got her phone number! I had a feeling from the beginning that there was something different about Gavin. Here we are, one child, one on the way, and their beautiful vows are what you can view below. It was a cold, dreary December day in Pittsburgh. But their love shines, and lit up my photographs. I hope you enjoy.

Groom waiting in a field for his bride to approach. Bride holding amazing white and green bouquet. Black and white shot of the bride walking towards her groom.


Groom kisses his bride on the cheek before the ceremony begins. Beautiful pennsylvania couple eloping in the middle of a field.


Bride and groom saying vows to each other while their child walks towards them. A bride and groom eloping in the middle of a field filled with fog and cool winter air. Bride begins to tear up as groom comforts her. Bride and groom laying out a beautiful yellow blanket that contrasts in the dead field.

Bride and groom wrote a few nice words to each other to recite privately.

Bride and groom reciting a few words to each other privately while snuggled on a blanket. Winter Pittsburgh Bride taking off her sweater to show off her wedding dress. Groom holds bouquet as the bride removes her cardigan to show her wedding dress. Two photos of a groom with a huge smile on his face. Groom looking at his bride and the gorgeous winter bride looks at the camera. Close up shot of the gorgeous bride. Bride and groom leaning their heads together for a moment.


Adorable kid staying warm during his parents wedding. Bride and groom kiss their adorable child while smooshing his cheeks.


Florals: Mt. Lebanon Floral

Pittsburgh Elopement Photographer: Mandy Fierens Photography

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  1. You made me tear up my love. I <3 YOU! and These photos are to die for.
    So glad you are in my life! <3

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