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The world is so small. I was reminded of this when Kat said she found me through my wedding dress designer based in the Philippines! Not only is Kat also from the Philippines, but she had the same dress designer! While Kat was in the Philippines, her love was in Harrisburg, so they were planning their elopement somewhere in Pennsylvania. We chatted about ideas and places, and she found the perfect place while searching Airbnb. The ceremony was held in the backyard of the cabin they rented, and it was perfect.

Kat’s family was not able to make the trip (21 hour flight) for the wedding, but they made some beautiful videos (also, CATS) for Kat and Steve to watch on their wedding day. I believe we were all in tears at that point… Or maybe just me… 😉

I was in awe of them. Steven was such an amazing support to Kat the whole day, especially when she mentioned missing her family in her vows. The whole day was so beautiful to witness, I am so grateful they chose me to capture it. #theluckiest






Their Story

Here is how they met from Kat’s perspective:

“We met at a Social Networking Site called Snog.com. As far as I can recall it’s a european networking site and were filled with British people. I was in love with the internet and I was drowned with the idea of meeting new people virtually. Learning cultures, slangs, accents, religions, etc, and despite all those differences it still amazes me how people can have so much in common. I’ve visited a lot of sites, played a lot of games. One website I went to was omegle.com, it was a pretty boring day and people at that site were either perverts or just sending random links. One caught my attention saying that goes something like “Are you tired of hitting the next button? Check this site out! www.snog.com people are actually talking there! See you!” Well, I went to that site and no kidding, people did actually talked and it was fun meeting new people again who you could actually converse with. It’s like a mix of friendster, facebook and twitter. There was a livefeed, a gallery and an about me where you can introduce yourself. There were three buttons 1. Snog 2.Marry and 3. Avoid. I love using the marry button after seeing what snog means. lol

It was fun at first, until everyone wanted to be famous. There were this top 10 snoggers, and if you’re at top 10 people will talk to you but unless you weren’t they won’t. I tried being on the top 10, and started marrying random people. One of them was Steven. Honestly, I didn’t notice him the first time since I was just randomly marrying everyone. He married back with a message on it, messages were rare on those times. His message was “Killua FTW!” — My about me was all about cats, food, singers, tv shows and Animes. I mentioned my favorite anime and that my all time favorite anime was Hunter x Hunter where Killua was one of the characters on that anime. We started recommending animes to each other. Since we live at different timezones our conversations were not that fast. We leave like two or three messages and wait a day or two for the other’s response.

College became busier, and we had to finish a short film. I wasn’t able to face the virtual world for three months. When I came back, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to talk to Steven again. But I was glad he was still on there and even joked where was I the past months. He asked for my skype and we communicated there. It was so much easier! lol I didn’t video chat with him cause I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I was scared of him cause his pictures in snog looked like he was a gangster. He used this peace sign and he loves looking down on the camera with his chin up. lol! I kept making excuses so we could not video chat. Haha But eventually I agreed to video chat and told him if he tried something pervy, he will never see me again and I wouldn’t talk to him ever. lol

It was like we were dating but not quiet. I usually talk to my bestfriend about everything, we decided to hangout one day she noticed I’ve been talking about Steven a lot which she referred to as the gangster guy, lol. She told me that there’s something special going on between me and this gangster guy and that I just didn’t want to admit it because he’s a gangster. Weeks passed, I was so confused about Steven and I. Whether we really have something special or what, I was afraid to ask him til’ one day I mustered the courage to ask him about it. I asked him ‘What are we?’ He said he didn’t know, and that he has to figure out how it’ll work. Surprisingly, I was hurt. So bad. I burst into tears and told him If he has to think about it then just don’t. And I told him that I don’t want to be someone’s option again. (I was emotional, i know haha) Well, things worked out eventually. We talked about us for a couple of weeks, we took into consideration my studies, his work, how we’ll be together. And yes, we talked about marriage even without officially dating yet. When we got it all figured out, we’re like. “So, this is it!” He booked a flight the following day after we made it official. We met the 20th of May.

We got engaged on his second visit. And we just got married on the 20th of May! :)”


Black and white artisitic photo of bride and groom holding hands

The Ceremony

Steven’s father officiated the ceremony, while Steven’s oldest sister and brother both had lovely readings. Ending with Steven and Kat recited their own vows which were filled with laughter and tears.


A couple placing their rings on each other to lawfully wed



We snuck away for about 30 minutes and took some portraits of just them. Which is always one of my favorite parts of the day. 🙂




Video Time!

Cue the tears.

dress: Mara Chua florals: DIY

Steven & Kat I hope this day was everything you dreamed it would be. you two are so beautiful together and I wish you the best marriage!

<3 Mandy

Destination Elopement Photographer

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