Julie & ChrisPittsburgh Anniversary Photographer

I love photographing my fellow fashion bloggers. Julie is probably the most devoted fashion blogger I have ever met, not only that, but she is an amazingly kind person. I was honored to photograph her and her awesome husband, Chris!

When they recommended the Allegheny Cemetery I was surprised I didn’t scream YES out loud! It is not often couples want their photos in a cemetary, but this place is more than that, it is a jaw dropping place of history.  I had such an unique and creative session with them, I was really eager to share it with you all. Enjoy!

Couple playing with their cat in their home
Kitty basking in the sun shadows inside
Cute couple taking a nice autumn walk through the allegheny cemetary
Couple standing artfully in front of a beautiful grave

Couple sitting in front of a monument while deer feed on the grass around them
Stylish couple stand in front of beautiful memorial grave
Couple have a cute moment while exploring the cemetary
Couple leaning against a lush greenhouse
Stylish couple backlit wrapped in a blanket
Full scenic shot of couple on a hillside wrapped in a blanket with beautiful back lighting
Black and white photos of strange shadow light on couple
Beautiful autumn scene with couple standing in the middle of it
Couple crack a joke as they hang out in the front of the cemetary
Couple holding hands and revealing love tattoo on grooms hand
Couple standing in front of intricate building
Beautiful couple walking away from the building all smiles

<3 Mandy

Pittsburgh Anniversary Photographer

P.S. Doesn’t this make you miss autumn?!?



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