Crystal & JoeSwallow Falls Wedding Photographer

Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, is such a special place to me. My fiance’s family grew up near the lake, and we visit this area often. If you have been to this special place, you know very well how gorgeous it is. I remember the first time I laid eyes on the lake I was blown away, it is truly such a gorgeous sight! Another place I love that is just down the road from the lake is Swallow Falls State Park. Moss, old tall trees, lots of rocks, clear water, waterfalls= my happy place.

To be able to photograph a couple here was a dream come true! Crystal and Joe are seniors at Penn State and are so in love it radiates. I was thrilled to be able to photograph them in one of my favorite places in the world!

Enjoy these frames.

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Swallow Falls Wedding Photographer: Mandy Fierens



  1. a lovely session, what I particularly like was the feeling of exploring in the images showing the movement from one place to another – nicely done.

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