Morgan & GriffenCarnegie Library Engagement Photographer

Where do I even start with this shoot? It was a cold and rainy April afternoon, these two drove a far distance to meet me in Oakland, and they (read: we) giggled their (read: our) way through the whole session!

Morgan found me from my fashion blog. I have had that blog for about 4 years, sometimes I forget people even look at it. It is definitely a place for me; where I go to express my opinion and also where I share my outfit photos. To hear that she followed me meant so much, and from our e-mails back and forth I knew we would be a great pair. 🙂 Not to mention she has amazing taste (still dreaming about her wedding dress)! Definitely one of the most stylish librarians I have ever met!

To say I had fun would be an understatement. I am counting down the days until their destination wedding in Captiva Island, Florida!

Two photos of a couple reading and hanging out in a Pittsburgh Library A few photos of a stylish couple having a few giggling moments inside a historic library


A couple nuzzling in a historic Pittsburgh libraryA cute couple giggling while hiding behind books Two artistic photos of a couple interacting in a Pittsburgh Library A cute couple standing in front of a colorful art exhibit A beautiful newly engaged couple standing in front of a colorful outdoor art exhibit

A radiant couple snuggled together for a quick kiss but are interrupted with a giggle. A couple using a yellow umbrella as a tribute to How I met your mother tv show, walking through the streets of Pittsburgh in the rain A photo from the waist down of a couple holding hands in the historic Oakland Pittsburgh

A couple walking in the rain around Oakland, Pittsburgh with a yellow umbrella A moody black and white photograph of a couple inside the Carnegie art museum

(Yellow umbrella is tribute to HIMYM!)

<3 Mandy

Carnegie Library Engagement Photographer


  1. Hi Jen! It is an piece by Phyllida Barlow, right in front of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh! 🙂

  2. Oh I just love how much happiness you captured!! you did such a great job showing how “real” these two are. They seem so happy and funny, I just want to be their friend!

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