Brittany and Jack | St. Bernard Wedding Photographer

I was lucky to be a part of Brittany and Jack’s big day! Brittany is my previous bosses sister, I had only met Brittany once before booking her wedding and she was so kind and genuine. But all of this was proven on the day of her wedding. I get there and Danielle pulls me aside to tell me that the groom is in the hospital and isn’t feeling too well.

When I heard this I was really nervous, I hoped that Brittany was OK. Once I went into Brittany’s room I could tell she was worried but she pulled all of her stress off with grace. She didn’t know if she would be getting married on that day or not, yet she joked about it and tried to keep her head up. I was amazed. I don’t know if I could have stayed that calm…

Below you will see a photo that I took of the moment she found out he would be able to make it to the church (I marked it). She was so happy and relieved. 🙂

Brittany and Jack I wish you all the happiness in the world!


Brit_Jack_4 Brit_Jack_17 Brit_Jack Brit_Jack_20 Brit_Jack_21 Brit_Jack_30 Brit_Jack_39 Brit_Jack_43 BW_74 Brit_Jack_56

This is when we found out that Jack was well enough to come to the ceremony! Sighs of relief went all around.
Brit_Jack_62 Brit_Jack_69 Brit_Jack_74 BW_185 Brit_Jack_106 Brit_Jack_119 Brit_Jack_123 Brit_Jack_142 Brit_Jack_148 BW_102 Brit_Jack_185 Brit_Jack_234 Brit_Jack_214 Brit_Jack_204 Brit_Jack_190 BW_79 Brit_Jack_256

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