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Abby is from Iowa, Brian is from Pittsburgh. They met at a restaurant in Burlington, Iowa. She stood him up on the first date. He asked her out again, she went. The rest is history.

Abby and Brian planned their whole wedding from Iowa… Yea, that’s right. They had to organize everything from across the country. Not only do they deserve brownie points for that, but everything was beautiful and well planned- so DOUBLE brownie points! They had a small ceremony at the beautiful Phipps Conservancy but also had a lovely little dinner party at Lamont after. It was a Friday wedding, so on Saturday they had a huge party with all of their friends. I thought this sounded like an awesome idea, just wanted to share their genius plan with all of you for some inspiration! 🙂

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^Their best blue steel


Phipps Conservatory Wedding Photographer

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